About us

Website owned by Bible and Gospel Trust, a publishing house with headquarters in Chessington, Greater London, established in 1932 as a Charity, distributing Christian literature and Bibles throughout Britain and worldwide. Bible and Gospel Trust’s aim is to provide for the increase and improvement of Christian knowledge and the spread of the gospel by the printing, publication and distribution of Christian literature. In addition to paid staff, many volunteers worldwide give their time entirely free of charge.  We have stockists in eighteen countries, plus a shop at our headquarters which is open to the public. We publish mainly in the English language, but also offer over 100 gospel pamphlets and booklets in other languages. We are convinced that there are many persons around the globe today who are searching for spiritual food, who are feeling after God in a world which is becoming increasingly unhappy in Satan’s grip, and who want what is abiding and secure for their hungry souls, and we hope this website will help to meet this need.